Rah e Jeewan | Update 1 | Getting started with the restoration of United Christian Hospital

Let’s join hands with United Christian Hospital and talk to some of the pioneers in the restoration process of this institute. United Christian Hospital (U.C.H) in Lahore, Pakistan has been neglected and left in a condition of despair for years now. A group of brave men and women have started the restoration process of this iconic symbol of hope in the middle of the city of Lahore. The journey of this restoration is full or major obstacles and hardships; but if we join hands together, it is not impossible and we can make this institution great again.

Join us as we talk with and receive updates about the progress of restoration from:

Administrator of United Christian Hospital

Mr. Imran Titus Bhatti

In-charge of development of United Christian Hospital

Mr. Kenneth Irshad

Chairman of Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation

Mr. Aslam Sohail

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