Raaz e Chaman | EP 31 | State of Christian Institutes in Pakistan

Today we are talking about something that’s a part of our lives while being a part of Pakistan. There was a time when Christian Institutes were the pincacle and backbone of Pakistan’s infrastructure. Some of those institutes are still being operated in all their glory but most of them have been forgotten and are now in a state of despair. Let’s join together and see how we can do our part to help in this dire situation as an individual.

Host / Producer

Rev. Javed Akhter | 289-489-7553 | raazechaman@torontolive.tv


Mr. Aslam Sohail (illinois, USA)

C.E.O: Pakistan Christian Outreach Foundation

314-827-7023 | pakistanchristian14@gmail.com

Dr. Peter Paulus, MD (Buffalo, USA)

716-932-3889 | peter.paulus10@gmail.com

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